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While the Crypto space has been around since late 2009, Bitcoin’s rapid price increases over the last 5 years have come to the attention of retail and institutional investors alike. Given the nature of Bitcoin, there’s wide speculation into its use cases, and constant rumors about security, fraud, and bad actors in the space.


We’re here to set the record straight and provide the education, resources, and knowledge so you can decide if you want to enter the space, and then do so in a safe and secure manner. Further, we dig into the details to share information about the different tokens, the teams behind them, the use cases, and more so you can make educated decisions.


We are a seasoned team (25+ yrs) with deep tech experience across multiple vectors including brand, performance, research, investment banking, risk, and trading arenas. Additionally, we have focussed on the latest machine learning and data analytics to develop a series of trading and money management algorithms for the crypto sphere.


With our combined talents, knowledge base, and well-connected network, we are confident we have the necessary synergies to meet virtually any facet of the cryptocurrency world you might require and feel well-positioned to help you take advantage of this rapidly evolving sector.


If you don’t find what you’re looking for on our site, please shoot us a note to, and we’ll get back to you.

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